Sophisticated Sinks:Taking Design and Luxury to the Next Level


You don’t have to settle for a plain old bathroom sink anymore. Now you can have a bathroom sink that makes a statement. The artistry and design that go into sinks today will take your bathroom to a whole new level of class and beauty. Continue reading

Aquabrass, Beautiful designs and Exciting New Technologies


For over 25 years, Aquabrass has remained committed to bringing both an extensive range of new technologies, stylish bathroom and kitchen faucets, as well as shower fixtures and accessories that offer a European flair while meeting the functionality to comply with the North American market expectations. Each collection is designed with passion and with the consumers’ needs in mind as we aspire to give an exclusive experience by responding to sophisticated demands.  Aquabrass also has a wide variety of beautifully designed sinks bowls that transform your bathroom into a piece of art! Imagine a sink that was carved from beautiful stones like marble, topaz, or onyx, or a translucent glass sink in a wide variety of colors! Continue reading