Americh 2014 New Styles

Americh luxury-lt

For over 25 years Americh has combined a comprehensive pallet of designs, selective materials, and stringent quality standard to create products that are unmatched in the industry. Only the best materials, such as Lucite® Acrylic, will measure up to Americh standards. Every product is carefully crafted by our skilled artisans and built right here in the United States. Americh employees are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality service and products. Continue reading

Stone Forest: The Sienna Collection


Stone Forest has created unparalleled hand-carved granite sculptures that combine the elegant simplicity of Japanese and contemporary design. Stone Forest creates all of their own sculpture and water fountains, ranging from traditional to contemporary. The Stone Forest Kitchen and Bath Collection continues this tradition of fine craftsmanship. Stone Forest sinks and tubs are hand carved from blocks of solid granite. Each stone sculpture will reflect the individual character of the block from which it was carved. Continue reading