Your Choice of Eco-Friendly Tiles


Eco-Friendly Tile

If you are re-modelling or finishing up a new space, no doubt you will be looking for options when it come to tile. Many people are very interested in green or sustainable options for everything they do and there are several very good choices “eco-friendly” choices when it comes to tile. There are many good reasons to choose eco-friendly tile for your application. Among them are the fact that some eco-friendly tile is made from recyclable materials which cuts down on material waste that is shipped to landfills. It also reduces mining of some materials that are used to manufacture conventional tile. And they look great too. So let’s take a look at some of the attractive choices you have for your tiling needs. Continue reading

Porcelanosa The Natural Beauty of Tile and Stone

The kitchen feeds the soul of the home. Presenting a unified and thought-out design concept is a must in the kitchen to have a home that you will love. Timeless Porcelanosa Stonker – Porcelain Tile melds with modern clean line porcelain that complements the stainless steel stove. Continue reading

Designing Your Bathroom and Kitchen Like a Pro!


Designing your new kitchen or bathroom can be frightening and exciting at the same time. The entire process can seem extremely overwhelming before you even know where to start. It is natural to want to jump in and start picking out fixtures, pour over cabinet designs and compare color swatches that will eventually fulfill your design vision – but try to resist that temptation. There are several key necessary steps you should always do for any big design project first that will shape the overall outcome. Continue reading