Herbeau Kitchen & Bath


In 1991, a long-standing relationship between Holger Baron and the Herbeau family led to the formation of Herbeau Creations as the exclusive Herbeau distributor for the U.S. and Canada.  By 2004, Herbeau Creations to Naples, FL which now serves as the companies’ North American headquarters and distribution hub. Continue reading

Get Graff!


Internationally recognized as an avant-garde manufacturer of exciting and trend-setting bathroom and kitchen fixtures, Graff has built its reputation as an interpreter and protagonist of modern lifestyle, bringing creativity and inspiration into many homes, and as a company, being keenly aware of human and environmental issues and values. Continue reading


architekten_startseitePeople have always sought to combine function and pleasure. Kaldewei design studios have adopted this principle, and specifically avoid short-lived fads and fashions. They also pay close attention to ergonomic concepts when designing new products, as well as creating clear, plain structures that result in bathrooms where the bath is the focal point, and the user is able to escape from daily life and find absolute relaxation. They believe in focusing on the essentials, consistent purity in form and material results in a contemporary individualism and formal understatement. Continue reading

Aquabrass Beauty


At iBathtile we understand that function and design must work hand in hand to bring together a well finished room.  That is why we have partnered with the top designers in the industry to bring hundreds of quality products to our valued consumers.  It continues to be our goal to identify and partner with designers that strive to be unique and have an edge in this competitive market.  That is why we are proud to introduce our outstanding line of Aquabrass products. Continue reading