Stone Forest Style

ibathtile 2So, do you desire a luxury bathroom? Well then, you have come to the right place. Stone Forest is your unique designer for bathrooms and even kitchen furniture. They truly take their lead from nature’s blueprints. Mother nature can be an extraordinary, creative and inspirational designer herself.

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Handcrafted Herbeau

herbeau 2So do you want to purchase something new, stylish and maybe even handcrafted? Well, of course you do, who doesn’t right?

Herbeau creates luxury kitchen accessories and faucets. They give any bath a very interesting appeal. Herbeau embodies the height of French handcrafting and Couture styling, all rolled into one beautiful creation Continue reading

Update Your Bathroom with Beautiful Mirrors


New mirrors are a great way to change a fundamental part of your bathroom. Other than utility, mirrors can also make a room seem larger, which is great if you live in a small apartment or condo. However, how these things are attached to the wall eludes most people, and since they’re very delicate and heavy, it’s mandatory to do it right the first time. That being said, it’s very possible to do it yourself, so let’s get down to it. Continue reading

New Trends and Choices for Bathroom Flooring



With more and more people wanting to have a home that reflects their personal style, there are some great new trends in flooring emerging to make this a reality. Here are just a few.

Rectangular Tiles

While most tile styles have traditionally been square, a new trend is rectangular tiles, in sizes such as 12 by 24 inches. Wood grain finished ceramic or porcelain tiles (designed to look like wooden floor boards) range in sizes from 6 by 36 inches to 8 inches by 8 feet. These “faux wood” tiles are much more popular than simply installing a hardwood bathroom floor for two reasons. First, they require lower maintenance, as hardwood floors  would swell as they take on moisture, and require refinishing. Second, tiled floors allow for radiant floor heating, which is placing a heating element under the floor, eliminating that cold floor on your bare feet.

Beautiful-Bathroom-Vinyl-Tile-FlooringFour Piece Tile Patterns

Another interesting trend in tile size and placement is to pick four different sizes of stone tile, and place them in a randomized pattern. This is an interesting way to break the tradition of having the entire floor look uniform all the way across.

Black Tiles

For those that prefer a dark, rich look to their living space, black bathroom tiles are growing in popularity. Similar to dark trends going into kitchens, these tiles create a darker, moodier environment.

Geometric Tiles

A final recent trend is geometric tiles. The shape of these tiles can add some pizazz and drama without being too wild. However if you are really into color, than you can use geometric tiles with bright powerful colors like red, orange, or purple to provide a much more dramatically stated look. If you are ready to renovate, update, or remodel, iBathtile has the perfect selections. Contact us today!

Celebrating the Past, Looking to the future with Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe faucets

When you hear “Made in the USA” quality and pride are the first things that come to mind, combine that with Hansgrohe products and you can expect American craftsmanship with German ingenuity.   Made by Hansgrohe stands for: high product quality and functionality, technological expertise, top design, durable products, environmentally-friendly products and manufacturing methods, qualified specialists, customer-oriented service and reliability and respectability.   Continue reading