5 Tips to Take You Green in Your Kitchen and Bath



There was a time when going green meant sacrificing style, elegance, and luxury in design and features. Things have changed, and it’s now possible to have a luxurious and green kitchen and bath. By considering adjustments in everything from appliances to toilet paper, making the switch to an exquisite and eco-friendly kitchen and bath will be very easy. Just follow these five tips to take you green in your kitchen and bath.

Tip 1 – Energy Efficient Appliances
While this seems the most obvious place to start, it’s often one the areas that’s most overlooked. When was the last time you examined your appliances for energy efficiency? Energy StarWhile they may elevate design of your kitchen space and still work well, energy efficiency standards have changed over the years. That means that you can find stylish appliances that are eco-friendly. The easiest way to know if an appliance is energy efficient, meeting the highest energy standards of the Environmental Protection Agency, is by looking for the Energy Star Label. An added benefit is that many of the newer appliances feature even better technology, a variety of designs – from traditional to more modern or contemporary – and is more energy cost-efficient.

Tip 2 – Low-Flow Faucets, Shower Heads and Toilets
The majority of water gets used from daily activities such as using the restroom, cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, and showering. Using a low-flow faucet and shower head in a bathroom can reduce water consumption by up to 60 percent, while low-flow toilets can reduce water consumption by up to 9,000 gallons per year. These fixtures come in a variety of styles and finishes to compliment any design taste.

Style: "Neutral"

Tip 3 – Recycled Paper Towels and Toilet Paper
No, it’s not often a topic we discuss publicly, but using recycled paper towels in the kitchen and recycled toilet paper in the bathroom has a huge and lasting impact. Like new eco-friendly fixtures for your kitchen and bath, recycled materials boast improved quality over ones in the past.

Tip 4 – Eco-Friendly Cleaners
With everyone becoming more environmentally conscious there have been advances in cleaning supplies as well. Pet-friendly and environmentally-friendly, these cleaning supplies can be easily identified by reading the labels and looking for natural ingredients and avoiding words such as poison, warning, caution, or danger.

Tip 5 – Use Glass Containers
We use containers to hold everything from food to toothbrushes. While plastic and chic containers can add to the ambiance of your bathroom or kitchen, there are just as many options available that are upscale and classy. Seek some of these out, even looking at unique pieces, to enhance your bathroom or kitchen décor.

Whether you follow a few or all of these tips, going green in your kitchen and bath only takes a few simple changes that will allow you to keep the elegance and luxury you currently have.