Achieving the Farmhouse Look


Do you love the rustic charm of the farmhouse style?  Surprisingly, you don’t need to purchase an 18th century farmhouse.  This classic look can be achieved anywhere, from a suburban ranch to an uptown condo.

When it comes to creating the perfect farmhouse kitchen or bath, it’s more than just white cabinets, wood flooring, and vintage décor.  There are 2 key design elements that tie it all together, creating that timeless look and feel of simpler times.

440659-1Apron sinks

The apron sink (or farmhouse sink) is a dramatic focal point in any farmhouse kitchen.  Traditionally, this style of sink was one of the most essential tools in a homemaker’s daily life.  It wasn’t only used to scrub pots and pans, but to wash clothes, or even bathe children.  For these reasons, it is much deeper than the drop-in or undermount sinks found in most modern kitchens.

While, in these modern times you are less likely to be washing clothes or bathing children in your kitchen sink, the apron sink does have its advantages.  This deeper sink is large enough to fill stock pots with ease, and reduce splashing.  Additionally, the apron front’s forward orientation eliminates the counter-top, reducing the need to lean forward or strain.

These versatile and timeless sinks come in an array of material choices, fireclay and copper being some of the most popular. Herbeau and Stone Forest offer a large selection of style choices, from simple to ornate, allowing you to create your desired look.


Vintage Tubs

Nothing screams old-fashioned charm like a vintage tub.  Not only will your bathroom look the part, but like the apron sink, these old style tubs have their advantages as well.

They are contoured in such a way that they let you recline comfortably.  Unlike most drop in tubs, these are often deeper and made of materials that hold heat well.  The water will stay warmer longer, so you can settle in for a long, relaxing soak.

The style choices are endless.  Whether you prefer a pedestal, claw feet, or a slipper tub, Sunrise Specialty and Herbeau have a large variety of tubs to meet any need.

These two elements are the foundation of any classic farmhouse look.  Incorporating these into your design plan will ensure the kitchen and bath of your dreams.  Visit for all of your vintage inspired kitchen and bath needs.