5 Avoidable Kitchen Design Mistakes



When designing a new kitchen, it’s important to carefully plan your design to avoid making any costly mistakes you may have to fix or regret later, especially when designing a luxury or dream kitchen. There are a lot of choices to make from color scheme to cabinetry, flooring and fixtures. Here are five avoidable kitchen design mistakes to help you get the luxury kitchen of your dreams.

Avoidable Mistake #1:  A Boring Kitchen  

No doubt, you want your new or renovated luxury kitchen to be the focal point of entertainment and family gatherings. Since the kitchen is, generally, the heart of the home, consider giving it some warmth. Use backsplash that adds color, even a little reflection of your personality. Consider cabinet colors and countertops in warm colors while using materials that add depth without compromising your overall personal style.

Avoidable Mistake #2:  Being Too Trendy

Some make the effort to escape having a boring kitchen by incorporating too many trendy modern or contemporary touches. While many of today’s trendy designs look great, and can improve some functionality within the kitchen, most will have a short “shelf-life” so-to-speak. Where kitchen design is concerned, think timeless and classic with some modern or contemporary touches. Think about how wood finishes, trims, countertop colors and materials, along with flooring styles can incorporate your modern feel while keeping it timeless and classic. Also, keep in mind that circumstances change. Because of that, you want to make selections that will be comfortable for you and provide an excellent resale value in the future.


Avoidable Mistake #3:  Risking Function for Looks

There are a lot of fixtures and finishes that will make your luxury kitchen look phenomenal. However, that doesn’t mean that they will all be functional. That’s why it’s important to work with a designer to determine what will work best with the design style and ‘look’ you desire. Also, remember to focus on quality.  For example, you may find cabinets that are stylish and work well with your design plans, but are they strong and well built?  It’s important that they are strong, as well as, good-looking with a good finish and strong hinges.

Avoidable Mistake #4:  Obstructing the Kitchen ‘Triangle’

The area of greatest activity in a kitchen involve the sink, stove, and refrigerator. This ‘triangle’ requires careful planning and unobstructed access. Of the three, the sink will be used the most. From there, it should be easy to access the stove, refrigerator, and countertop workstations. Therefore, it’s important to give thought to this flow so you can design your kitchen accordingly. Other things to evaluate in regards to your kitchen are how food will be served and eaten using your new kitchen design.  Will you have in-kitchen seating? If so, how many people will you need to accommodate? It will be important to ensure that you and your guests can move about the kitchen freely, especially while preparing meals, dining, and entertaining.



Avoidable Mistake #5:  Poor Ventilation

Since the kitchen is the area where we gather for entertaining, it’s important that it not only looks good, but it smells good. That’s why having excellent ventilation is important. Most inexpensive range hoods will only re-circulate dirty, stale air. A good ventilation system will help improve the quality of your indoor air while keeping your kitchen smelling and looking cleaner.  Effective ventilation systems also help extend the life of your appliances.

Since there’s so much to effective kitchen design, it’s imperative to work with a kitchen designer to make your luxurious, dream kitchen is a reality you won’t regret.