Bathing in ‘Green’ Luxury

Urbane by Watermark

Human beings instinctively revert back to nature if technology assaults their senses too intensely. When global society began focusing its ecological efforts towards  ‘global warming,’ consumers, architects and interior designers quickly jumped on the bandwagon.  However, they rapidly discovered that ‘saving the planet,’ meant sacrificing aesthetics and beauty on the altar of environmental conscientiousness. The market for luxury and beauty spiraled downward, and consumers were left with bland, practical appointments that failed in creating harmonious living.  This trend was the impetus for manufacturers to move product lines in a new direction, and soon, nature began flooding the world of architectural and interior design. Feng Shui, with its minimalist ideals and harmonious principles, became wildly popular. Designers searched for ways to balance sustainability, functionality, and beauty with luxurious, harmonious spaces that were also environmentally-friendly.

But, alteringurbane_photo_5WM manufacturing processes and design structures is expensive for manufacturers, and American companies discovered that producing environmentally-conscious products came at a cost.  Many were forced to outsource manufacturing processes overseas into cheaper labor markets, and many products soon became ‘made in China,’ rather than ‘made in America.’  China dominated consumer markets, particularly those in the U.S., because of its ability to manufacture and sell products more cheaply. Eventually, the U.S. became a nation that imported more products than it exported.

One company, however, was committed to changing this trend and making America economically stronger through uncompromising commitment to quality.  Watermark Designs, a leading American designer/manufacturer of contemporary bathroom faucets and fixtures is, “making America and fellow Brooklynites proud by manufacturing and designing their faucets and bath fixtures in Brooklyn, New York and sending them to be sold and used in China” [press release].  Using a strategy called ‘reverse outsourcing,’ Watermark Designs is bringing ‘made in the USA’ fixtures to the construction of luxury hotels in Chinese cities. Through their efforts, U.S. exports to China are expected to increase in 2013.

European faucetsRecently, Watermark collaborated with Clodagh Signature, another “green-conscious,” Manhattan-based designer, to add to its unique inventory the Sense27© collection of bathroom faucets and fixtures that engages the imagination and offers hands-free convenience. Clean lines, combined with unique hammered accents, set the tone for this exquisite collection.  Water-saving additions, like innovative flow-restricting fittings for shower heads prove that both Clodagh Signature and Watermark Designs are pledged to environmental-consciousness. Leading-edge technology and innovative materials unite to create harmonious designs that bring luxury home in truly timeless ways. Their luxurious line of bathroom appointments are designed and customized by world-renowned and earth-friendly architects and designers.

Watermark Designs is one of iBathTile’s recently-added brands, and the epitome of first-class luxury and style.  Watermark products cater predominantly to upscale commercial and residential markets and are backed by a lifetime warranty on valves and finishes. iBathTile is constantly searching for the best products from around the world to provide our customers with innovative technology and luxurious appointments to compliment any design style.

With Watermark, it’s about refusing to sacrifice luxury for functionality and a continuing commitment towards the betterment of America and the world.  Watermark is pure eco-luxury, ‘made in the USA.’

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