Boutique St. Tropez from MTI Baths


Since its beginnings, innovation has been a hallmark of MTI Baths. It is the extension of MTI’s “DNA” of employee ownership, entrepreneurial spirit and culture of creativity and discipline. The very identity and soul of MTI has driven the people and the company to stay on the cutting edge of technology and go beyond the confines of the conventional.

MIT3MTI’s Boutique Collection expresses MTI’s commitment to art: vessels that are beautiful in their form and effective in their function. Products purposefully designed to create a unique experience. And all are handcrafted in the USA.

Boutique Collection tubs, sinks and shower bases are constructed using a material that MTI calls “Engineered Solid Stone™”, because that’s what it is. “ESS” is a mixture of ground natural minerals and binding agents that are liquefied, poured and then hardened. The result is molded stone. Solid through-and-through, with no layers, hollow or void areas.


There MTCT-137B_hare a number of products on the market that may appear to be made in the same way as those in MTI’s Boutique Collection, but in reality they are quite different. Products such as these are generally referred to as “solid-surface” or “composite”. They may be constructed using cultured marble, limestone or something similar. There may also be hollow areas in the product, and frequently surface coating.

MTI’s Boutique Collection products are more than “solid-surface”. They are consistently solid all the way through, with no voids and no surface coating. The material is also quite “Green”, with approximately 65% of the material being organic minerals mined from the earth. They are non-porous, stain, mold and mildew-resistant. All of which makes them easy to clean and maintain for many years of enjoyment and service.

IRP-501400030Freestanding tubs have become one of the hottest bathroom trends in recent years, and MTI has been at the forefront, not merely responding to this trend but leading it. Freestanding tubs bring a huge “wow factor” to bathrooms, serving as the centerpiece or contributing as a piece of art.