Design with Porcelanosa Tiles


Porcelanosa is one of the finest bath and kitchen tile manufacturers that feature wall and floor tiles that radiate beauty and elegance. The Porcelanosa Group has an integrative view of products as home-making solutions and offers a range of bathroom vanities, sanitary ware, kitchens and related products. Porcelanosa takes pride in their tiles as they research the latest technologies that allow them to create even thinner and lighter tiles that maintain the same strength and capabilities that their regular tiles do. Technology, quality and durability are some of the defining characteristics of the wall tiles that Porcelanosa manufactures and distributes throughout the world. Continue reading

Not All Tiles are Created Equal


Do you ever wonder what tiles would work best in your bathroom? Well you have to take many different natural elements into account before choosing the perfect tile. You will also need to make sure it can handle frequent cleanings and constant wet conditions. You do not want to sacrifice style so you will want to choose something stylish and still get the water resistance you need. Continue reading

5 Ways to Turn Your Outdated Bath into a Luxury Bath

Changing a faucet, fixtures, and other accessories in the bath, can give your out-of-date bathroom a new luxurious look. With Aquabrass bathroom fixtures, you can effortlessly design your luxury bath to your personal style, with unique and timeless pieces.

Here are five ways that you can transform your old bathroom, into a sleek, modern, and new bathroom using Aquabrass.

Aquabrass has a beautiful collection of shower options to pick from to meet your needs. From rainheads to body jets, it will take your shower experience to a new level.

Montage_1000_667_blue_rain_1 Montage_1000_667_tekno

Replacing your basin in your bath can alter the look of your countertop and give your bath a luxurious ambiance.


Modern or classic faucets it’s your choice. You can keep a familiar look to your faucets by using classic faucet.


Set the atmosphere of your bathroom, with the prefect lighting.


Towel Bars
Replacing the towel bars to match the new look of your faucets or shower is just a minor detail that can make your project feel complete.

Contact us to discover more about Aquabrass products and how to take your old bathroom and turn it into a new favorite place in the home.





The #1 Pattern Trend – Herringbone: Featuring Porcelanosa

PORCELANOSA -Dover_Acero_Dover_Spiga

The growing trend in luxury baths is to incorporate stylish and elegant patterns into the décor. Including a subtle or bold pattern within the design of the bathroom adds character. The hottest pattern trend is Herringbone and we’re featuring Porcelanosa, who is leading the way.

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Quick Tips to Get a Modern Bathroom with Porcelanosa

Porcelnaosa Wood Flooring - Quick Tips to Get a Modern Bathroom with Porcelanosa


More and more homeowners are choosing to have luxury bathrooms that incorporate modern touches. One of the best in providing the simple, yet elegant, modern touches for a bathroom is Porcelanosa. Whether it is a full or partial bathroom remodel, Porcelanosa has an extensive collection of floor and wall tiles that can enhance your bathroom design while maintaining elegance and sophistication. Here’s two quick tips to get a modern bathroom with Porcelanosa products. Continue reading

5 Avoidable Kitchen Design Mistakes



When designing a new kitchen, it’s important to carefully plan your design to avoid making any costly mistakes you may have to fix or regret later, especially when designing a luxury or dream kitchen. There are a lot of choices to make from color scheme to cabinetry, flooring and fixtures. Here are five avoidable kitchen design mistakes to help you get the luxury kitchen of your dreams. Continue reading

New Trends and Choices for Bathroom Flooring



With more and more people wanting to have a home that reflects their personal style, there are some great new trends in flooring emerging to make this a reality. Here are just a few.

Rectangular Tiles

While most tile styles have traditionally been square, a new trend is rectangular tiles, in sizes such as 12 by 24 inches. Wood grain finished ceramic or porcelain tiles (designed to look like wooden floor boards) range in sizes from 6 by 36 inches to 8 inches by 8 feet. These “faux wood” tiles are much more popular than simply installing a hardwood bathroom floor for two reasons. First, they require lower maintenance, as hardwood floors  would swell as they take on moisture, and require refinishing. Second, tiled floors allow for radiant floor heating, which is placing a heating element under the floor, eliminating that cold floor on your bare feet.

Beautiful-Bathroom-Vinyl-Tile-FlooringFour Piece Tile Patterns

Another interesting trend in tile size and placement is to pick four different sizes of stone tile, and place them in a randomized pattern. This is an interesting way to break the tradition of having the entire floor look uniform all the way across.

Black Tiles

For those that prefer a dark, rich look to their living space, black bathroom tiles are growing in popularity. Similar to dark trends going into kitchens, these tiles create a darker, moodier environment.

Geometric Tiles

A final recent trend is geometric tiles. The shape of these tiles can add some pizazz and drama without being too wild. However if you are really into color, than you can use geometric tiles with bright powerful colors like red, orange, or purple to provide a much more dramatically stated look. If you are ready to renovate, update, or remodel, iBathtile has the perfect selections. Contact us today!

Designer Tips: How to Use Designer Bathroom Tile

Tiled bathrooms

A bathroom is one room where functionality is more important than design.  You can still have a beautiful bathroom that is functional.  The best way to add interest to any bathroom design is to add tile.  There is a vast selection of bathroom tiles in various colors and shapes that allow you to add a design element to your bathroom. Continue reading

Install Your Own Shower Walls


Installing walls for your shower may seem like a difficult project, but it is actually easier than you think. Successful shower surround installs shouldn’t take more than a day with the proper preparation. Continue reading