Hotel Bathroom Inspirations- Part 2

Typically, when people think of home décor and inspiration, they think of rooms in the house such as the living room or den, the master bedroom, the kitchen, or maybe even an office type area. While those areas are extremely important to make and keep a home sweet home feel to the house, a good, comfortable, and well functioning bathroom easily brings the house full circle in becoming a home. Get some great inspiration from a few luxury hotels below!

The St. Regis in Rome

The St. Regis in Rome

Beautifully designed, the St. Regis bathroom gives the feel of utter luxury. Decked out with marble and sleek accents, this bathroom would be great to show off as your homes finishing touch!

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Warm and simple, this bathroom is as elegant as it is beautiful! The stainless hardware and accents compliment the stone tube and counters, and is a truly simple inspiration to recreate in your own home.

Palazzo Victoria in Italy

Palazzo Victoria

The contrast colors really give this bathroom a personality you can’t beat. The style has a royal feel with a simple design, and could be the great look you need to tie your home together for family and guests.

Hotel Zurserhof in Germany

Hotel Zurserhof in Germany

Do you like a clean feel, especially in your bathroom? This white décor is sure to give you that exact feel! With elegance in gold accents, a stand shower and large oval tub to relax, as well as a vanity area, this bathroom is sure to give you everything you need in your home.

Peninsula in Tokyo

Peninsula Tokyo

Enjoy a high end, high tech, romantic bathroom? You can’t get much better than a toilet with a warming seat and automatic lid, and a large round tub that has lights and music! What a fantastic touch to your home!

Bathrooms are an extremely important part of the house, so make sure yours gives you a feeling of home, and shows your true style! There are so many inspirations out there, with fantastic hardware brands to help you complete your project, such as Alno, Ginger, Valli and ValliSamuel Heath, and Newport Brass. Make your house a home!


Hotel Bathroom Inspirations Part 1

When coming home from a long day of work, all you may be thinking about is a nice, relaxing shower or bath, but is your bathroom really getting you to your peak relaxation level? Whether it’s the color scheme that helps you feel relaxed or the ability to really sink into your bath, there is always a dream bathroom for you and your family. Here are some great luxury hotel bathrooms that will inspire your own in-home spa!

Point Yamu by Como in Thailand

Point Yamu by Como


With aquatic inspired blue accents, the bathrooms in the Point Yamu by Como hotels truly feel like a day at the spa. They feature a sleek feel with large, round tubs that will allow you to soak your worries away!

Silavadee Pool Spa Resort in Thailand

Silavadee Pool Spa Resort

A warm feel with a warm view! This bathroom features bamboo and marble with stainless steel hardware to create a luxury feel, easily recreated in your home. A double plus if you’re able to recreate the ocean view!

The Montcalm in London

The Montcalm in London

If your taste is modern and clean, this is your dream! With mirror black wall tile, stainless steel hardware that include “an invigorating rain shower and relaxing bath,” you’ll always have luxury just a room away.

Gidleigh Park in Devon

Gidleigh Park in Devon

For the true Spa lover looking for an inspirational bathroom design, look no further. This bathroom is “designed to offer an imaginative and creative space, featuring a large double shower, a roll-top bath and under floor heating,” all tied together with beautiful, pale buttery marble.

Four Seasons in Shanghai

Four Seasons in Shanghai

This hotel bathroom will inspire the epitome of luxury in your home. Exotic marble, luxe leathers and high grade marble give this hotel an edge, but the highly functional an great quality stainless hardware bring it all together for a feel of royalty.

Each of these bathrooms has many ideas that can be interchanged and mixed together to make your perfect relaxation zone, and perfect brands for your bathroom dream are Alno, Ginger, Valli and Valli, Samuel Heath, and Newport Brass. Now go out and make your spa!


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