Choosing the Best Faucet for Your Luxury Bath

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When selecting the fixtures for a luxury bath much time is often spent on selecting the perfect faucet. And for good reason, since it will be used daily and the way it looks can help make or break the overall design. When choosing the best faucet for your luxury bath what do you need to consider?

Sink vs Faucet
Before buying any faucet fixture determine what you’ll be replacing. If you’re just replacing a faucet and keeping the sink, then you’ll need to take into careful consideratGraf wide-wall-mounted-faucte-for-bath-tub-bathroom-faucets-types-64043ion the shape of the faucet since not all faucets work with all basins. You’ll want to keep in mind the size or measurements of the basin before buying a new faucet.

When replacing only the basin, it will be important to give the same consideration to the faucet in regards to its size, if it’s dual-handled, if the spout is high-arched, and other considerations a professional can help you with.

If you’re replacing both sink and faucet then you have the opportunity to consider the aforementioned, generally speaking, all in one shopping trip.


Selecting the Faucet
Faucets come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. Think about the overall design plan and style of your luxury bath when making your selection, such as:

Your Current Faucet. What do you like or dislike about it? Is it the style? The number of handles? What about the flow of water from the faucet – is it a geyser or a trickle?

Finish. Make sure it’s a finish that compliments the design and style for your bath. This finish also determines whether or not it will be easy to clean or if it will require special care.

Functionality vs Design. What is your overall goal in getting a new faucet? Do you want something that is simply functional? Something that adds elegance to your design? Or a combination of both?


Know Your Faucets
Faucets come in different styles. Here’s a guide to the various types:

Graff Solar-G-3701_A_scaledWaterfall Faucet. A beautiful and elegant faucet which offers a unique and classy look to any bathroom.

Wall Mounted Faucet. Wall mounted faucets are mounted on the wall above the sink and extend over the center of the sink. These are often contemporary in style.

Single Hole Faucet.Simple and sophisticated is the way to describe this design that’s best suited for smaller basins, pedestal sinks or vessel sinks whose countertops are designed to hold a single faucet.

Wide Spread Faucet. While considered a ‘standard’ type of faucet – with two handles located at the sides of the basin, one for cold, one for hot water, and a water spout – faucets in this category have been getting attention from the industry that is upgrading their style.

Center Set Faucets. A smaller option than the widespread basin faucets. These stylish faucets have a separate handle for hot and cold water on both the sides of a spout.

Whatever faucet you choose to go with, make sure that you are satisfied and that it fits your style as well as your design plan.