Creating a Zen Bathroom


Creating an area of refuge in your home allows for you to always be able to have a location to retreat to.  Using a Zen technique, which relies more on architecture and layout. Then accessorize the bathroom, creating a tranquil place to relax and soak in your tub or shower.

zen1If you are choosing a remodel over a makeover, work closely with your contractor and architect to ensure that you are going to have an easy flow from one area to another. It is also wise to find a Feng Shui consultant or do some reading on the subject to ensure that you are following the guidelines to this ancient Chinese art. Simple things like a window over the bathtub and making sure that the toilet cannot be seen from the doorway are just two ideas of Feng Shui.

Don’t have the budget or drive to remodel the bathroom? Here are some tips and ideas to create a Zen area without tearing down walls!  Bringing nature into the bathroom is an ideal way to create a Zen feel, whether it is through a window, art work or bring a plant inside the bathroom.  All of these elements will help to produce a peaceful atmosphere while being inexpensive.


Zen is all zen6about creating a balance between nature and life; this is a perfect combination for a bathroom and a stress free environment.  Zen design flows from the natural world like water from a spring. Bring those elements of stone, water and air into your bathroom by picking colors that reflect them. Designers commonly choose sand, taupe, gray, green and black but bright colors work, too (if you like red, use pomegranate or cranberry, not stop light).

Have fun and enjoy creating this new Zen location in your bathroom.  Use elements that work together and bring in nature and you will not go wrong!