3 Tips to Go From Luxury Bath to Luxury Spa

Hydro Systems MaestroThere’s no place else like it. The refreshing smell of eucalyptus. Feeling plush bathrobes against your skin while your most comfortable slippers envelope your feet as you walk across beautiful bamboo floors. Your soothing oasis awaits as you slide into the hydrating warmth of lavender filled water. This is the very spa retreat within your home you’ve dreamed about. But, it doesn’t have to be merely a dream.

Sometimes a full bathroom remodel is not always needed in order to achieve a more spa-like feel. In fact, most luxury baths have the best start and just need a few minor updates. Here’s three quick tips to go from having your luxury bath to luxury spa.

Color schemes

One of the things you’ll notice about any luxury spa is that they pay close attention to color. For the walls or accents, most spas will go for soothing blues or comforting shades of green. They both give the feel of being in a relaxing outdoor environment. The flooring may be made of a natural substance like bamboo or of a nice hardwood that adds the feeling of warmth to the overall space.

Various shades of white, such as ivory, eggshell, and ecru, can add a nice clean feeling to a luxury spa bath while also adding dimension. With such neutral colors, it’s easier to add in accent piecWhite bath with candleses – like pillows, towels, and candles – that can add the pop of color you may want to complement the space.

Don’t be afraid to play with color combinations and even consulting with your local paint store (or contractor) to get ideas on what will make your spa space feel more serene.

Bath and Shower

There are so many options available to your luxurious bath and make it more spa-like. Whether you have a shower/bath combo or stand-alone shower and tub, you can change out the shower heads to others that will give you the feeling of being in a spa. One of the most popular choices is the rainfall showerhead. In addition, if you have a stand-alone shower consider installing a shower system that multiple showerheads.

Updating your bathtub to a jetted or hydro tub will make it more spa-like and provide you the gentle soaks needed to get more relaxed.

Accent Pieces and Décor
Your luxury bath may be stunning and already serene. So what more can you do? Add or change out some of your accent pieces and décor to enhance the beauty and serenity of you bath. These can easily be done with towels, candles, bamboo plants, pillows, or soft curtains for your windows.

Turning your luxurious bath into a luxurious and serene spa doesn’t take much. Just a little creativity and a few appointed updates, and you will have your own serene spa at home.