Graff’s Luxury Faucets

Graff Ametis 005

There is a point where style meets the essential values of life, where design and quality become a commitment.  Since 1922, GRAFF has had its foundations. Internationally recognized as an avant-garde manufacturer of exciting and trend-setting bathroom and kitchen faucets, Graff has built its reputation as an interpreter and protagonist of modern lifestyle, bringing creativity and inspiration into many homes, and as a company, being keenly aware of human and environmental issues and values.

GRAFF’s newest collection, Ametis, designed by Davide Oppizzi, is the future of contemporary faucet and shower design and it’s easy to see why. Breaking the mold of what has come before, Ametis could be the most beautiful and unique water-delivery system ever seen.


With premium-quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures that satisfy the most refined tastes, GRAFF’s products embody the essence of refined elegance. Each piece has a reason to be and a story to tell, and always reaches a harmonious balance between form and function – enticing the eye and feeling comfortable with every use.


GRAFF brings a touch of discreet yet alluring cutting-edge luxury to the most intimate rooms of your home, filling the most familiar moments and gestures of daily life with aesthetic vibrancy.