Hamat: The Pleasure of Water


Since prehistoric times, water has always been the source of life’s pleasure. Once, before there were faucets, bathtubs, pipes and sinks, the man went out into nature to enjoy the water; to dip in the spring, to wash in the river, to soak in the flow of the waterfall and the drops of dew. Today, we can enjoy the pleasure of water in our own home: to dip in a hot bath, to melt under the stream of water in your shower, to awaken to the spray of water on your face and the pleasure of water. We at Hamat offer to you in the most enjoyable and satisfying manner possible, so that every time you open your faucets, you can enjoy the pleasure of water.

Hamat At Its Best

faucet-hamatHamat is one of the largest manufacturers, marketers, and exporters of faucets. Hamat faucets provide the pleasure of water to millions of the consumer’s world wide: in the USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, the UK and other international locations. Hamat faucets can be found in the leading kitchen and bath and designer showrooms, as well as under various private labels. Hamat invests vast resources in advanced technological development, in innovative and unique designs and in production techniques and advanced special finishes.

For contemporary European designs and classic American forms, Hamat offers an unmatched commitment to style and elegance in the kitchen and bath. With high quality solid brass faucets, they have more than a half-century of industry leading craftsmanship behind them for superior levels of performance and reliability. When you select Hamat for your home, you are making a choice to embrace the passion you have for your home. And Hamat will share the same passion with you.

Kitchen hamat-cool-faucet-1jpgsinks unite among all important functions in one: drainage, cleaning, drying, flow and form item interlocking design space. Hamat collection of kitchen sinks diversity reflected in both materials and designs. You can find sinks made ​​of three materials Hamat key: ceramic sinks classic , and stainless steel sinks.

Hamat completes faucet finish in chrome plating, powder coating, or special finishes, such as oil rubbed bronze, to final assembly and delivery. Throughout the production process, from the initial product design and engineering through the final finish and testing, Hamat does everything so that you can enjoy the true pleasure of water in the kitchen sink!

All sinks come in a variety of sizes and styles, rural basins, sinks meticulous modern high-tech style, retro sinks and sinks, which provide a solution for every need.

When are ready to choose the perfect kitchen or bathroom sink and faucet….