Handcrafted Herbeau

herbeau 2So do you want to purchase something new, stylish and maybe even handcrafted? Well, of course you do, who doesn’t right?

Herbeau creates luxury kitchen accessories and faucets. They give any bath a very interesting appeal. Herbeau embodies the height of French handcrafting and Couture styling, all rolled into one beautiful creation

Now, they do have a wide array of bathroom basins, kitchen sinks and fixtures, such as towel bars, lighting fixtures and decorative washbasins. They cover every single detail, down to the smallest aspect.

her 1Plus, as a bonus, they have Couture tiles that are gracefully decorated with hand painted floral and geometric patterns. This is art at its finest form. They harmonize beautifully with rich metal finishes and warm ceramics.

They even have a Powder Room Collection for bathrooms, which provide a luxury feel. Presented as a collection of vignettes, they are romantic and have a light hearted look to the,, back to an age of charm and gracious living. Powder room items are specially proportioned for smaller spaces.

herbeauSo, who would have ever thought that shopping for faucets and hardware could be so much fun! You can make a fashion statement all within one room. That is picture perfect.