Lefroy Brooks is the New Classy!


Lefroy Brooks manufactures a full range of baths, basins, showers and taps designed to complement each other.Manufactured in the birthplace of the Rolls Royce in Wolverhampton, U.K., Lefroy Brooks carries on the tradition of esteemed excellence by creating a luxury class for plumbing and bathroom fixtures. Lefroy Brooks bathroom accessories, bath basins, vanities and lighting are handcrafted from solid brass before being subjected to a rigorous 12-point inspection to guarantee the utmost in product quality.

hamatTheir inspiration comes from the elegant lines of the 1910’s 1920’s and 1930’s where the icons of that era were researched and redesigned to bring you what we have today. Products with integrity found nowhere else in the world, designed and manufactured by Lefroy Brooks.

Lefroy Brooks bath and kitchen products are defined by functionality, quality and durability, as well as cutting edge elegant designs. The Lefroy Brooks brassware factory, located in Wolverhampton, England, creates some of the most stunning designs, suitable for any decorating style.

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