Making a Walk-In Shower Work for Your Luxury Bath

AquaBrass Tile bathroom--home-design

Having an elegant bathroom space can create a peaceful, serene environment to enjoy a relaxing shower. One of the most stylish ways to add elegance to your bathroom is by having a beautiful walk-in shower. While it may seem a walk-in shower isn’t feasible, there are a plethora of options available for making a walk-in shower work for your luxury bath.

Small Space Shower

Even the most well-appointed of bathrooms may be in a small space. The perfect solution is a shower made of glass.  Glass is ideal because it will keep in the water, let light in, and give your bathroom the appearance of a larger space.

Spacious or Stand-Out Shower

If you having a bath or soaker tub is not important to you, than revamp your luxury bath by devoting the area where your bathtub is to a shower. This is another scenario where enclosing the shower completely in glass would add an open and sophisticated touch. Other options are beautiful tiles or panels to divide the space.  Many showers like this are designed with a built-in bench inside the shower for use in steaming, shaving, or possible storage.




Spa Retreat Meets Environmentally Friendly

For more of a spa-like feel to your shower use more natural materials, like stones, to make it more relaxing. Using more neutral colors and tones along with natural elements, bringing the outdoors in, can make the space feel more relaxing and appear more spacious. If you are environmentally conscious, then using materials and accessories that are made from recycled resources can be helpful in keeping in harmony with the spa feel.

Accessories and Décor

Whatever style you choose for your walk-in shower, accessories and finishing touches make all the difference in how your shower space will feel to you. So be sure to include candles, plush towels, plants, and whatever other amenities that will make your walk-in shower, and bathroom, luxurious to you.