Modern Simplicity: Vola Scandinavian Inspired Bath

Bath_Tile (1)

When we think of Scandinavian design think VOLA, our minds likely drift to thoughts of a certain popular chain store.  But there’s more to Scandinavian design than easy to assemble furniture.  It’s a design built on simplicity and function while invoking a sense of peaceful serenity.  What better room to feel peaceful and serene in…the bathroom.

Whether you’re looking to remodel a small bath or create a decadent home spa, consider this list of tips when designing your modern bathroom.

Clean and Light

Scandinavians place emphasis on making the most of what little space is available. We have enough clutter and chaos in our everyday lives.  The last thing we need is chaos and clutter in our homes as well. Through the use of muted tones, natural light is emphasized, giving the illusion of a larger space.  While decoration is minimal, small colorful accents and clean lines create a sort of understated elegance.

The traditional color schemes are white, black, and gray.  Focus the more muted tones throughout the majority of your space to utilize the natural light.


Bring nature indoors

Scandinavians use a lot of wood in their décor.  While it may not be ideal for bathroom flooring, incorporating wood into your space in the form of shelves, or a vanity will bring the peaceful feeling of nature indoors.  The use of natural stone is also quite popular.

A splash of color

The goal is to keep decorations to a minimum, so limit yourself.  However, adorning your space with colorful or patterned textiles will spice up your space, while still maintaining functionality.


Be eco-friendly

When it comes to fixtures, consider eco-friendly solutions.  VOLA, a Danish company, places importance on manufacturing sustainable and eco-friendly products.  They take pride in using the best materials to ensure their products last for generations.  Additionally they use flow regulators as an eco-friendly solution while still maintaining a sleek design aesthetic.

Check out for a large selection of VOLA products and many others.  Use these tips and you’ll be closer to the modern bath you’ve always dreamed of.