Oh-La-La! Duravit!


When it comes to bathroom design, there are a few pieces that should be counted as very important accessories. The sink you choose is one of the most important ways to make or tie up the statement made by your bathroom’s design – it is also the easiest place to ruin the whole look!

While some may not even think of the bathroom sink as important, consider the amount of exposure this fixture gets. Daily rounds of shaving, washing, brushing, and primping give your sink literally hours of use, so it is very obvious you need a sturdy model.

As for the design, you may not think of it as important now, but it is painfully obvious when the worn sink has been chosen. The wrong color, shape, style, and design can make this part of your bathroom an eyesore – like a bad painting in an otherwise chic living room.

imagesIn modern times, contemporary bathroom designs and accessories are very popular. Balancing an eco-friendly utility with a trendy design that will be in style for years to come is at the top of the list for most consumers. Thus, we have seen many companies make a shift in their focus and products. Elegant and water –saving options are flooding the shelves and inventories. The issue now is knowing that a company actually knows how to deliver on such high promises when they are simply following a trend.

Duravit is not just following a trend – they have created one. To be sure your chosen design will flow with the rest of your bathroom, you will be happy to know Duravit also carries a full range of bathroom furniture, fixtures, and accessories. Feel free to browse the entire selection at iBathTile for a better understanding of the possibilities.