The #1 Pattern Trend – Herringbone: Featuring Porcelanosa

PORCELANOSA -Dover_Acero_Dover_Spiga

The growing trend in luxury baths is to incorporate stylish and elegant patterns into the décor. Including a subtle or bold pattern within the design of the bathroom adds character. The hottest pattern trend is Herringbone and we’re featuring Porcelanosa, who is leading the way.

Herringbone Pattern - Porcelanosa

The Herringbone Pattern
Porcelanosa describes the pattern as being “composed of rectangular pieces of equal size, arranged in a zig-zag pattern.” These rectangles are cut so they can be staggered allowing one end of a plank to meet the side of another. It’s a centuries-old pattern that works well with a modern, traditional, or more contemporary bathroom design.

Why Porcelanosa?
Known for their quality tiles, Porcelanosa has an array of tiles that can help you to create the perfect Herringbone feature for your bathroom. Many of these tiles can be used on the wall and the floors, creating a cohesive look.


Design Ideas – Walls, Shower Stalls, Bathtub Area
Herringbone can be incorporated into a bathroom design and décor through the use of a variety of tile styles and designs.

For a more subtle and elegant feature in your traditional bathroom, use the tiles to make a Herringbone pattern on the walls of the shower or bathtub area. Keep the colors soft and neutral, like an eggshell or pure white, so they do not standout quite as much. Stone tiles are an excellent way to accomplish this while staying classically neutral in color and tone.

A more modern or contemporary design can feature colorful tiles in the Herringbone pattern to help them stand out from the rest of the tile arrangements in the bathroom.  Use this opportunity to add a touch of color on your walls, shower stalls, or around the bathtub. Either way, this will add a level of unique sophistication that is sure to make your bathroom standout from the rest. Tile mosaics can elevate this classic pattern to a more modern and contemporary look.

Whether you choose metallic tiles, tiles with marbling, or simple and elegant pure white tiles, they have something that will work perfectly for you.


Design Ideas – Flooring
Herringbone is a pattern that can blend in with other patterns very nicely, especially when the color selection is understated.

Porcelanosa has an incredible selection for flooring. They range from wood porcelain to tiles. All come in a variety of colors. When arranged in the Herringbone pattern they bring an air of sophistication and elegance to any space. If you’d like to add some color through a unique pattern or a touch of whimsy, take a look at their line of Stonker and Urbatek tiles.

When selecting your wall or floor tile, always consult with us on what Porcelanosa has to offer. Their selection of high-end materials in a variety of textures and colors will be sure to complement your bathroom design and décor.