Renew Your Year with a New Bathroom!


When it comes to home re-designs, the bathroom and the kitchen rank at the top of the list as most important rooms in the home. Considering how busy the bathroom can be, it’s a great idea to keep the look of this room up-to-date. Some homeowners are stumped when it comes to what looks good and what is in style. That is why it is very important to keep up-to-date on popular style trends and keep them in mind while picking out a new design.
Many people go for a minimalistic approach when deciding on which design to use for their homes. The key features in this design mimic the spa-like feel that most people fantasize about when imagining their dream bathroom. Glass tiles, calming soft lighting, and simple clean lines are key-notes in this look. Stream-lined and functional, yet visually appealing appliances finish off this design to create the perfect bathroom desired by everyone.

Another highly popular look that never seems to go out of style is Vintage chic. This design scheme takes shabby-stylish-bathroom-design-ideaskey features from the past and brings them into the modern world.  This design features earthy materials such as; stone, tile, brick, and wood are used for flooring, cabinetry, and walls. This creates a rustic look that is highlighted with modern touches. It is a great look that will create a comforting and relaxing space that will add value and style to any home.

Other new trends focus on specific bathroom features. A simple change of cabinetry or lighting features can spruce up any bathroom and for less money than an overall re-model! Showers that create a spa like feel, water saving features, and even multiple shower heads are asked for more often than a tub in most new renovations. Floating sinks and vanities are new features that create an elegant focal point, and provides a functional element as well. These simple upgrades can drastically change the look of any bathroom and usually cost the home owner very little in comparison. Update with iBathTile!