Soaking Tubs: Helping Clawfoot and Other Classic Styles Make a Comeback

Soaking Tubs 2

In this fast paced world, when a lot of people think of bathing and getting clean they tend to think only of a shower, or a shower/tub combination, because they take showers almost exclusively. Showers are quick and convenient for getting clean and can be somewhat relaxing, but the trend of a hot, soaking bath is beginning to make a comeback. What bathroom remodeling trend is helping this along? Soaking tubs.

Wow, that’s Deep Man!

While there are different styles of these tubs, the big difference with all soaking tubs and regular tubs or tub/showers is the depth. Standard US tubs are 14-17 inches deep, with standard European tubs being about 18 inches deep. Soaking tubs tend to start at 22 inches, and can go to 27 inches deep. This allows for total body immersion up to the chin, sometimes while sitting upright.

Style Choices

Soaking Tubs 1There are several different styles of these tubs, as well as different materials. The style most recognizable to most people is the claw foot, cast iron tub. Many people remember these from their Grandma’s house. The tubs are not only deep, but the cast iron material holds the heat of the water in better than plastic or acrylic materials, allowing for you to soak longer. A similar style is the pedestal, which looks similar but foregoes the feet for a pedestal around the bottom of the tub to holds it in place. Another popular style is the Japanese Tub, which is deep enough to allow soaking from a sitting position. These tubs are traditionally made of wood, but can also be made of polypropylene reinforced with fiber glass.

Tubs with Doors

In addition to relaxation, some people are getting these tubs for therapeutic reasons. Some styles of deep tubs come equipped with jets, providing massage for aching muscles. Another trend is deep tubs with a built in sealed door, for easy ingress and egress. These are especially popular with seniors, as they are less likely to fall while getting in or out.