Start Your New Year With Kaldewei


The bathroom is increasingly becoming the expression of a new aesthetic. The trend is moving towards luxurious, often freestanding baths with functional extras and flush-fit showers that are installed freely in the room and offer greater freedom of movement.

The bathroom is becoming a representative room of peace and sensory awareness. A place where the individual can make his dreams come true – with KALDEWEI. And where he will find physical and mental well-being.The Kaldewei philosophy is to bring along a New Era in bathing…so why not begin your new year indulging in the bathrooms of the new era?

Kaldewei  What’s new in 2013   Pioneer and style iconCAYONO – A future classic.

In creating CAYONO, KALDEWEI once again sets a milestone in bathroom culture. With its style-oriented design, timeless quality and attractive price, this product sets new standards for functional baths.

CAYONO, from the Advantage segment, combines superior material quality, flawless workmanship and long-lasting surface quality with a 30-year guarantee.

KawaXETIS – State-of-the-art shower surface.

In today’s world, the fusion of the living area and bathroom is a symbol of luxurious living. This includes a perfectly integrated, floor-level shower area as a visible expression of contemporary comfort.

With XETIS, KALDEWEI is once again setting new standards in modern bathroom design. The enamelled shower surface blends harmoniously into the bathroom floor. The outlet has been discretely hidden behind the front wall so as not to interfere with the shower surface made of high-quality KALDEWEI steel enamel 3.5 mm.

soundwaveSOUND WAVE – The acoustic bath.

With the new SOUND WAVE, KALDEWEI offers an innovative bathroom audio system. The SOUND WAVE components, including the Bluetooth receiver, are concealed in the bath. This acts as an excellent sound box and provides pleasant acoustics of the highest quality.

SOUND WAVE can wireless play audio files from your Smartphone, computer, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device. Experience the extraordinary sound under water and escape from everyday life. Visit us at ibathtile for more bathroom ideas