Stone Forest…Nature’s Blueprint.

Style: "Ektachrome"

Since 1989, Stone Forest has created unparalleled hand-carved granite sculptures that combine the elegant simplicity of Japanese and contemporary design. We create all of our own sculpture and water fountains, ranging from traditional to monolithic contemporary.

Our Kitchen and Bath line continues this tradition of fine craftsmanship. Stone Forest sinks and tubs are hand carved from blocks of solid granite. Each stone sculpture will reflect the individual character of the block from which it was carved.

Bayou-Bathroom-03_09Stone Forest takes its lead from nature’s blueprint. Contemporary designs for the bath & kitchen are sculpted from natural materials including stone, bronze, bamboo, copper, iron and hardwoods. As you browse our collection,
please keep in mind that creating custom designs in stone is our specialty.

Our custom work is second to none. Stone Forest can create or modify any design in almost any of our stones. Due to several factors we cannot do custom work in any of our metals or wood. Please contact iBathtile with any questions about our custom capabilities.