Stone Forest Style

ibathtile 2So, do you desire a luxury bathroom? Well then, you have come to the right place. Stone Forest is your unique designer for bathrooms and even kitchen furniture. They truly take their lead from nature’s blueprints. Mother nature can be an extraordinary, creative and inspirational designer herself.

ibathtile 3Stone Forest basin sinks and bathtubs create a one-of-a-kind bathroom. Their contemporary designs are sculpted from natural materials, such as stone, bronze, bamboo, copper, iron and hardwoods. If you browse the collection, keep in mind that creating custom designs in stone is their specialty.

Now, they make all of their own sculpture and even water fountains, which range from traditional to contemporary. As for the kitchen and bath collections, they continue this tradition of fine craftsmanship.

They have truly created unparalleled, hand-carved, granite sculptures that combine the elegant, simplicity of Japanese and contemporary design. The sinks and tubs are hand carved from blocks of solid granite. Each stone sculpture will reflect the individual character of the block, from which it was carved.

So, if you choose this particular style you will be more than pleased. So, stop dreaming! This is a real artistic and fashion statement. One that will awaken the interior decorator within you. Visit us at ibathtile