Achieving the Farmhouse Look


Do you love the rustic charm of the farmhouse style?  Surprisingly, you don’t need to purchase an 18th century farmhouse.  This classic look can be achieved anywhere, from a suburban ranch to an uptown condo. Continue reading

5 Tips to Take You Green in Your Kitchen and Bath



There was a time when going green meant sacrificing style, elegance, and luxury in design and features. Things have changed, and it’s now possible to have a luxurious and green kitchen and bath. By considering adjustments in everything from appliances to toilet paper, making the switch to an exquisite and eco-friendly kitchen and bath will be very easy. Just follow these five tips to take you green in your kitchen and bath. Continue reading

Modernize A Kitchen and Bath With A Hands-Free Faucet


There are many situations where we could use a hands-free faucet – in the kitchen when working with raw meat, in the bathroom when our hands are covered in dirt from gardening or working on the car. Some of life’s messiest moments require us to get cleaned up without spreading unnecessary germs. That’s where beautiful, sleek hands-free faucets can help modernize and add style to your kitchen and bath. Read this tips below to see how you can modernize a kitchen and bath with a hands-free faucet. Continue reading

Making a Walk-In Shower Work for Your Luxury Bath

AquaBrass Tile bathroom--home-design

Having an elegant bathroom space can create a peaceful, serene environment to enjoy a relaxing shower. One of the most stylish ways to add elegance to your bathroom is by having a beautiful walk-in shower. While it may seem a walk-in shower isn’t feasible, there are a plethora of options available for making a walk-in shower work for your luxury bath. Continue reading

Modernizing Your Bathroom

Kaldewei Bathroom

For decades, bathrooms were just functional rooms in our homes consisting of simple looking toilets, tubs, and faucets. Many looked nice, but most lacked elegance, class or modern touches. That’s no longer the case, as the trend today is modernizing your bathroom. In doing so, you can make it stylish and elegant while still maintaining much needed functionality. How? Continue reading

Soaking Tubs: Helping Clawfoot and Other Classic Styles Make a Comeback

Soaking Tubs 2

In this fast paced world, when a lot of people think of bathing and getting clean they tend to think only of a shower, or a shower/tub combination, because they take showers almost exclusively. Showers are quick and convenient for getting clean and can be somewhat relaxing, but the trend of a hot, soaking bath is beginning to make a comeback. What bathroom remodeling trend is helping this along? Soaking tubs. Continue reading

Handcrafted Herbeau

herbeau 2So do you want to purchase something new, stylish and maybe even handcrafted? Well, of course you do, who doesn’t right?

Herbeau creates luxury kitchen accessories and faucets. They give any bath a very interesting appeal. Herbeau embodies the height of French handcrafting and Couture styling, all rolled into one beautiful creation Continue reading

New Trends and Choices for Bathroom Flooring



With more and more people wanting to have a home that reflects their personal style, there are some great new trends in flooring emerging to make this a reality. Here are just a few.

Rectangular Tiles

While most tile styles have traditionally been square, a new trend is rectangular tiles, in sizes such as 12 by 24 inches. Wood grain finished ceramic or porcelain tiles (designed to look like wooden floor boards) range in sizes from 6 by 36 inches to 8 inches by 8 feet. These “faux wood” tiles are much more popular than simply installing a hardwood bathroom floor for two reasons. First, they require lower maintenance, as hardwood floors  would swell as they take on moisture, and require refinishing. Second, tiled floors allow for radiant floor heating, which is placing a heating element under the floor, eliminating that cold floor on your bare feet.

Beautiful-Bathroom-Vinyl-Tile-FlooringFour Piece Tile Patterns

Another interesting trend in tile size and placement is to pick four different sizes of stone tile, and place them in a randomized pattern. This is an interesting way to break the tradition of having the entire floor look uniform all the way across.

Black Tiles

For those that prefer a dark, rich look to their living space, black bathroom tiles are growing in popularity. Similar to dark trends going into kitchens, these tiles create a darker, moodier environment.

Geometric Tiles

A final recent trend is geometric tiles. The shape of these tiles can add some pizazz and drama without being too wild. However if you are really into color, than you can use geometric tiles with bright powerful colors like red, orange, or purple to provide a much more dramatically stated look. If you are ready to renovate, update, or remodel, iBathtile has the perfect selections. Contact us today!

Trendy Ideas For Modern Bathrooms


A good home is one that has each and every corner of its space designed in a perfect manner. By perfect, we mean aesthetic beauty and optimum utility. Right from the living room to  the bathroom, each of the sections should be designed with intelligence and care. The twin elements are needed more badly as space has become an issue for interior decorators. Still, the solutions are there and really good ones that take care of beauty and usability. Talking about bathrooms, the least attended place has also become an important part of interior decoration. Continue reading