Achieving the Farmhouse Look


Do you love the rustic charm of the farmhouse style?  Surprisingly, you don’t need to purchase an 18th century farmhouse.  This classic look can be achieved anywhere, from a suburban ranch to an uptown condo. Continue reading

Adding Bling to A Kitchen Using Hardware

Alno Cabinet Hardware Collection

When remodeling or updating a kitchen, there are numerous things to think about. Decisions need to be made in regards to paint color, backsplash, flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, and more. One thing not to forget is your kitchen hardware. Sometimes overlooked until the last minute, kitchen hardware can help enhance a kitchen design or detract from it. Since cabinets and drawers rarely come with hardware, you’ll have an opportunity to show your personality by adding bling to a kitchen using hardware. Continue reading

5 Avoidable Kitchen Design Mistakes



When designing a new kitchen, it’s important to carefully plan your design to avoid making any costly mistakes you may have to fix or regret later, especially when designing a luxury or dream kitchen. There are a lot of choices to make from color scheme to cabinetry, flooring and fixtures. Here are five avoidable kitchen design mistakes to help you get the luxury kitchen of your dreams. Continue reading

Celebrating the Past, Looking to the future with Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe faucets

When you hear “Made in the USA” quality and pride are the first things that come to mind, combine that with Hansgrohe products and you can expect American craftsmanship with German ingenuity.   Made by Hansgrohe stands for: high product quality and functionality, technological expertise, top design, durable products, environmentally-friendly products and manufacturing methods, qualified specialists, customer-oriented service and reliability and respectability.   Continue reading

Hello Hamat

hamat 1

So do you need a finishing touch for your running water? There are so many facets you can choose from. This just might be a very interesting shopping trip.

Hamat provides you with luxury bathroom and kitchen faucets, along with fixtures. They are the best, brand choice for Kosher kitchens. They complete their faucet finishes in chrome plating, powder coating or special finishes, such as oil rubbed bronze, to final assembly and delivery. Continue reading

Five Mistakes You Want To Avoid When Designing A Kitchen


There is a LOT of decisions that we must make when designing a room in our home, especially our kitchen since that is where we do a lot of entertaining and spending time with the family.  So, it’s important to know some mistakes other’s have made in the past to help us make the best design choices. Let’s face it, from picking colors, to cabinetry and fixtures, there are so many styles and designs to choose from that it’s easy to make some design choices that we may later come to regret.  Here are some of the worst mistakes that people make in designing a kitchen: Continue reading

Sophisticated Sinks:Taking Design and Luxury to the Next Level


You don’t have to settle for a plain old bathroom sink anymore. Now you can have a bathroom sink that makes a statement. The artistry and design that go into sinks today will take your bathroom to a whole new level of class and beauty. Continue reading