The Beauty of the Bathtub


How do you like to bath your body? Like most of us, we all feel as if the bathtub produces a short escape from reality. When you get done from a hard day’s work, one of the first places you plan to retreat to is your personal oasis that holds the beloved bathtub. People are mainly used to using to the good ‘ole fashioned porcelain tub. But did you know that technology joined with wonderfully creative minds, have designed  unique tubs in many shapes, forms, and materials?

You will be even more amazed to see how a bathtub has come so far from using a regular tin basin, to a bathtub that is phenomenally created….it is almost unheard of. Keep reading and find out not only how a bathtub is relaxing, but also how beautiful a bathtub can actually be.

Bathtub Shapes

bathtub1You can get a personalized bathtub that matches your comfort level, body shape, design style, and even your wallet. The many shapes that you can get in a bathtub form. include the regular square tub, a box rectangle, an oval nest tub, and many more.

Bathtub Materials

Tubs can also be made from many different special materials. One of the greatest features of purchasing your perfect bathing bin, is you can also customize the features that fit your needs and wants perfectly. Some of the materials are:

*Wood – Usually made from waterproofed marine wood.
*Copper – Very sturdy as well as a great stylish material to fit your modern style.
*Marble  -Very luxurious in every aspect.
*Glass – Even though it is breakable, you can get a glass bathtub that is waterproof as well as sturdy and unbreakable.
*Stainless Steel – A bathtub made from this material actually keeps the water warmer longer.
*Barrel – Yes, the ‘ole trusty barrel is still around.
*Rock – But keep in mind that a very, very good and solid foundation is needed to store this type of bathtub made from rock material. However, there are other options that you have to get the same effect by purchasing an acrylic version of the rock material that you desire.

Bathtub Prices

Who image_2says that you cannot create your own spa oasis in your own home? Prices vary between each tub, however purchasing your tub from great manufacturers such as iBathtile, Duravit, Kohler, MTI, and Kaldewei Tubs and Bathtubs who can cater to your interests, wants, and needs when it comes to your bathtub, as well as your whole home. Don’t hesitate any further, you deserve it! Contact us today!