Timeless Elegance with Sunrise Specialty


Sunrise Specialty began life in 1972 as Sunrise Salvage in Berkeley, California specializes in Victorian era house parts and plumbing, salvaging doors, windows, fireplace mantels, and all sorts of old house parts. However, as appreciation mounted for these fine old houses, fewer and fewer were demolished, leaving us without a source of supply. We set out across the world looking for companies to supply authentic reproductions for our most sought after products.

The first sunrise1catalog as Sunrise Specialty Company was introduced in 1979. After Twenty five years later they have the  largest collections of period bathware available anywhere. Sunrise products are authentic reproductions down to the smallest detail. This means beginning with real cast iron tubs, fine porcelain, solid brass and oak. All faucets and showers are made of solid brass and equipped with washerless ceramic valves that are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of trouble-free service.


Our products are hand assembled and finished in our Oakland, California facility. Here craftspeople meticulously finishes, our bathtubs, and assemble parts from all over the world to create our special line of exposed showers, shower curtain rings and faucets. Sunrise bathtubs, fixtures and accessories may be seen at select kitchen and bath showrooms nationwide. We invite you to visit the dealers nearest you.