Trendy Glass Floor Tile


Glass floor tiles are actually exploding in their market. Since, the interest in glass tiles has grown so rapidly, they are available in many decorating options, including tiles that even change color as the room temperature adjusts.

tub3With their endless color variations, textures, sizes and shapes these tiles have become extremely popular. Glass tiles are pretty versatile working, not only on floors, but on walls, countertops and backsplashes too. They can be installed just about anywhere ceramic tiles would work. Plus, it is resistant to damage from moisture and temperature changes.

tub1This flooring can easily be kept stunning just by using a mop and a glass cleaner. While tiles are not prone to break, they can be slippery and we all know that smooth surfaces are prone to scratches. In order to avoid these risks, tiles with a sandblasted surface are recommended for installation.

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