Very Vola

volaSo, what makes you bathroom stand out from other? Don’t you want a very, very unique bathroom? One that is extremely extraordinary? Then, go with Vola because they provide baths, shower and kitchen faucet that will blow you away…

vola 2Vola is an award winning, contemporary company. They are absolutely perfect to help you create a one of a kind bathroom design. With their sleek design aesthetic, you will find bath faucets and shower fixtures that take simplicity to a whole new meaning.

Now, their kitchen faucets are modern, along with their sinks and basins. Vola truly provides a luxury design for the two most important rooms in your home.

vola 1They are renowned for providing high-quality and trend-setting bath and tile products to designers, architects, building trade professionals and homeowners. Designs are imported from the finest manufacturers in Europe with a diverse selection of ceramic, porcelain and glass.

So, count them in your selection. Your water flow will be magnificent with Vola. Visit Ibathtile for more styles and ideas