Your Bathroom Can Give the Illusion its Much Larger!


We all struggle with that small kitchen or small bathroom. How can we make it appear to be bigger? Well there are a few tricks with tile work that can make your space appear larger than it is. No need to tear down walls and reconstruct your entire room. Visit for some simple solutions and great tile and accessories to purchase. If you have any questions one of our sales associates will be happy to help.


Start with the color of tiles you use and the colors of your entire space. You will want to make sure to coordinate everything with the same or similar colors. Using similar colors will make your room visually expand. Using too bright of a color in a small space will only make it look smaller. You can use very small colored accent tiles to bring a pop of color against the more neutral ones. Creating a beautiful soap dish or accent band is always so visually appealing.

porcelanosa-wall-tile-180 porcelanosa-ceramic-mosaics-tile-180






Next you will want to choose the shapes of your tiles. If you mix square and rectangular tiles in the same color and texture it will give you subtle variations without constricting your sense of space. The larger the tile better the illusion.


Lastly, you will want to choose the proper layout of the tiles. Laying your tiles diagonally is said to be one of the best ways to make your space feel so much larger. Not to mention it looks truly stunning as well. It may prove to be a difficult task but it is all well worth it. Just use these simple solutions and your creative design for an amazing new space.