Zuma Customizes To Your Needs

image11We live in an era of personalization. You can have your fast-food burger prepared “your way”. You can customize the appearance of your computer screen. You can have information delivered where, when and how you want it, either to your desktop computer or to your handheld wireless device. And the list goes on and on. So when it comes to your wellness and selecting products and a manufacturer that will meet your specific needs and actually have an impact on your health, should you not be even more selective and have higher expectations? There is nowhere in the household where this is more important than the intimacy and privacy of the bathroom.Zuma focus on providing you with the hydrotherapy you need, packaged in the design you prefer and built in a way that accommodates the installation requirements of your setting. This intense degree of customization applies to:

      • The selection of hydrotherapy type: soaker; air bath; whirlpool; combination
      • The specification and placement of jets, controls and other tub-mounted components.
      • A huge variety of options.
      • The positioning of all system components, such as pumps.
      • Specific installation requirements, such as location of tile flanges
      • Other installation facilitators such as a pre-leveled foam base or pre-leveled frame system.


You can add, delete or change the types of jets. You can even specify the exact locations of jets, a service especially appreciated by those with back or joint ailments. And as you are designing your personalized tub, you can also avail yourself of additional therapies that will complement your selected hydrotherapy. To enhance and enrich the therapeutic benefits of your bathing experience, you can add aromatherapy bath.

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